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Goya Foods is a big company. They have more than 3,000 employees and were the 355th largest privately owned company in 2006. Yet finding their jobs is tough.

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Happy Cinco de Mayo! I haven’t done a celebratory post for today’s holiday since I featured Party City in 2008, so I think it’s about time. In the United States, Cinco de Mayo is mostly a general celebration of Mexican culture (much like St. Patrick’s Day celebrates Irish culture). In my opinion there’s no better way to observe this kind of holiday than by enjoying the culture’s food (some may prefer imbibing the culture’s alcoholic beverage of choice). When I think of Mexican food, Secaucus, NJ based Goya Foods is one of the brands that comes to mind. They are the “the largest, Hispanic-owned food company in the United States,” and they consider themselves “the premier source for authentic Latino cuisine” (that also includes Spanish, Puerto Rican, Caribbean, and Central & South American foods). The company offers more than 1,500 products, and many of them are ingredients for home cooking, which is exactly what holidays like Cinco de Mayo should really be about.

The Goya Mystery

Goya Foods is a big company. They have more than 3,000 employees, and they were the 355th largest privately owned company in 2006 according to Forbes. Yet, there is absolutely no evidence that they have jobs. They don’t have a Careers page. There aren’t any job listings that I can find through Google. There’s nothing. The only thing that I could find were some jobs at Flightpath, an ad agency that serves Goya. You’re probably asking why I’m writing about them then. Occasionally, I like to give you a challenge. Goya clearly has jobs. With 3,000+ employees and a good number of them on LinkedIn, there have to be some opportunities available. There aren’t any articles about layoffs or hiring freezes. There’s nothing. That doesn’t mean you should give up your interest in potentially working for Goya. Do some research, and start reaching out to people. See what you can find. It may not lead anywhere, but if you do find an in, you probably won’t be dealing with much competition for the job. And if you solve the mystery, please let me know how you did it.

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2 responses to “Goya Foods”

  1. Javier Nunez says:

    I walked in a resume the old school way to the City of Industry location and was told the Sales manager was on the phone. So I told the young lady I would wake. This young lady came out and said that he only sees people with appointmens so I said thank you so much and I will give him a call to set up a appointment. On the way home I got a call from Goya asking if I could come back tomorrow at 2 for a interview. Trust me I was blown away as much as you are but there goes to show you that sometimes doing things the old school way works. Good Luck

  2. Rey says:

    I took on the challenge of finding the door into Goya. Goya only receives resumes the old school way. Either bring it to an office or mail a hard copy to the location that you are interested in. Goya jobs are in high demand and are mostly filled by employee referral. They have no job advertising expenses.

    Example of a response to my inquiries by a Goya subsidiary: “No recibimos resumés por este medio. Si va a enviar un resumé puede hacerlo por correo regular a:

    Goya de Puerto Rico, Recursos Humanos,
    PO Box 60-1467, Bayamón, Puerto Rico 00960-6067”

    Translation: “We do not receive resumes via this mean (Electronic). If you are going to send a resume, you can do it via regular mail to:”

    You can find the mail addresses of each business unit at the bottom of this page: http://www.goya.com/english/about/contact_us.html

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