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eVestment is a Marietta, GA based company that provides "insight and intelligence to the institutional investing community through" data and analytics tools.

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Investing is about information. To do well you either need the most accurate information, the fastest access to information, the best analysis of information, or luck. Most individual investors rely on the latter (even if they don’t realize it), while most institutional investors are doing everything they can to get the best information and analysis as fast as possible. eVestment helps clients do this. The Marietta, GA based company was founded in 2000 when three consultants realized that their clients were faxing data and entering it into Excel. They solved this problem by putting the data and analytics tools in the same place–the cloud. eVestment provides both, though clients who want to use different data can bring it right into the analytics packages.

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eVestment’s suite of products and solutions must be pretty effective. Companies like Blackrock, AON Hewitt, KKR, and HSBC are just a few of the names on eVestment’s Client List. When the biggest companies in the world trust your data and analytics, it’s hard not to grow. And growing is what eVestment has been doing over the last three years. Their Inc. 5000 profile has them at 267% growth and $54.9 million in revenue. Most of what eVestment does is probably hard to grasp unless you live in the investment world, but their Case Studies can give you a better idea of the kind of value that eVestment provides for its clients. If it sounds like the kind of stuff that you’d like to work on, visit eVestment’s Careers page. There are a few opportunities for new and recent grads including Client Service Analyst, Benefits Manager, and Business Analyst.

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