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Depending on where you live, the cupcake thing has passed, reached its peak, or just started. Yeah, you’ve had cupcakes a million times—once for each kid’s birthday that you celebrated in elementary school. (Did you know that they don’t allow that at a lot of schools now? No cupcakes. Wow.) Basically, kids are no longer getting cupcakes, but adults are making up for it in a big way. Just take a look at Crumbs, a chain of bake shops headquartered in New York City. They have more than two dozen locations with quite a few more on the way. Oh yeah, and they’re an Inc. 500 company with a 704% three-year growth rate and $23.5 million in annual revenue. Some bake shop, huh? Apparently, they are “inspired by old-time candy shops and are warm and inviting with wood cases, marble counters and wall to wall treats.” It’s working!

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What more can I say about cupcakes? They’re delicious. I’ve been to the Grand Central location, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Some people say that we’re in the middle of a “cupcake bubble,” and maybe that’s true. I’m not sure that cities even as big as New York can sustain as many cupcake shops as they have right now, but you have to like the chances of a company that is doing as financially well as Crumbs is. With all the growth should come jobs; however, Crumbs doesn’t seem to have a Jobs page. If you use our job search function, you’ll see that you get a number of results for Crumbs jobs. The postings come with titles like “Sweet Freaks Rejoice” and “Sugar Sweet Job Opportunities.” These are all retail positions, but it seems that Crumbs’ corporate function must be growing too. Why not try reaching out to them about their jobs? The only downside is that you might gain a few pounds if you get hired.

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