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If you love extreme sports and think more people should record their death defying stuns, then you need to check out jobs at Contour in Seattle, WA.

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It’s the epitome of action. You’re watching a video from the HD camera strapped to blogger Willy Franzen’s head as he sits in a desk chair and writes about another interesting company. Ok, nobody is going to want to watch that, but I can think of plenty of other activities where a helmet camera could provide some amazing footage—mountain biking, sky diving, skateboarding, and rock climbing are just a few. If you love extreme sports, then you’ll love Seattle based Contour. They’re an Inc. 500 company that has grown at a 1,556% rate over three years to $7 million revenue. And it’s all from making cameras that you can strap to your helmet/handlebars/surfboard when you’re doing something crazy. I want some of my friends to get Contours so that my feed gets filled with awesome videos instead of Farmville updates. Even if I’m never going to jump off of a cliff in a squirrel suit, I want my friends to be able to share it with me when they do. Contour certainly makes niche products, but they’ve nailed their niche, and that’s why they’re growing so quickly.

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Contour currently offers two models, the ContourHD and the ContourGPS. I love the idea of the GPS model, because it means that you not only can show people what you’re doing, but you can also show them where you’re doing it. The Contour cameras are obviously super durable and water-resistant, but they’re also extremely light. The products are well thought out, which makes sense since the company was started by some University of Washington undergrads who wanted to share videos of their latest ski runs. They won third place in a business plan competition, and that gave them enough money to get the company off the ground. Now they’re growing at a crazy pace. Contour doesn’t have a traditional Jobs page, just an e-mail address on their Contact page. If you’re interested in finding out what kind of positions they have available, send an e-mail to

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