Based in Atlanta, GA, Better World Books was founded by three college friends and has since "re-used or recycled over 98 million books."

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Better World Books is a company that we came across while we were looking for non-profits to write about on the weekends. They are part of a new breed of companies that are considered “for profit social ventures.” This means that Better World Books operates with all sights on making money, but they donate their profits to non-profit organizations such as Books for Africa, Room to Read, and the National Center for Family Literacy. It’s an interesting business model that is optimized to enact social change in away that many non-profits aren’t. We think the future will be full of companies with a similar structure.

The cool thing about Better World Books is that their entire business has been built with a college mindset. The company was founded by three college friends and gathers most of its books from college book drives. These books are then sold or donated to certain non-profit organizations. Any book that is not suitable for use or sale is recycled. Better World Books never throws away a book it has received – they have kept 10 million pounds of books out of landfills so far.

The profits of Better World Books’ efforts (whether they be in the form of books or money) are then donated to organizations that promote literacy. Success is measured by both monetary profits and how much change can be enacted through Better World Books’ donations. No time is wasted fundraising, because there is always a flow of income to fund the literacy and education projects that Better World Books selects.

Better World Books is currently hiring Account Representatives to maintain and develop relationships with libraries across the country. Knowing that the company was started with just one college book drive, we think this is a great place for a new college graduate to begin a career. There are a ton of challenging tasks, and you’ll have the chance to develop your sales skills in a situation that many not be as intimidating as most sales jobs, since the currency you will be dealing in is books. The more books you can bring in through the deals you work, the more successful you will be. Despite the fact that it’s not money you’re bringing in, you’re still part of the bottom line, and that’s really important for your resume and your self-confidence.

Note: On April 23rd we revisited entry-level jobs at Better World Books.

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