Companies with great products and awesome customer service usually make the best places to work, so e-mail marketing company Aweber is worth checking out.

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Last week when I told you about Constant Contact, I mentioned how Jason Seiden and I are using a competing service to deliver e-mails about our job search prep course (if you’re struggling in your job search, you need to check this out – it will help). That service is called Aweber, and their CEO, Tom Kulzer, happened to stop by (yes, CEOs read One Day, One Job) to let us know that his company is also hiring. Since I think that companies with great products and awesome customer service usually make the best places to work, I’m pretty sure that Aweber, which is based in Newton, PA, is the kind of place that you want to work. They’re an industry leader, and they have a gaming room and go carts. What more could you ask for? Oh yeah, they’re privately held and profitable, having done business for 11 years.

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Ok, I said this last week, but if you want jobs in your e-mail, then sign up here (they’re delivered by FeedBurner now, but hopefully we can move them over to Aweber soon). If you want jobs in e-mail, then you should check out Aweber. Even though the overall economy sucks, there are plenty of companies that are growing like crazy right now. Aweber has 38 employes right now, and they’re looking to add 5 more people – that means they’re looking to increase their workforce by 13%. They can do this because they offer an affordable service that helps other people make money through e-mail marketing. Of the 5 jobs that Aweber is trying to fill, 4 appear to be suitable for entry level candidates. Three are as Web Developers and one is as a Customer Solutions Specialist. The jobs sound awesome, the perks look sweet, and you can find out all of the details on Aweber’s Jobs page. You can apply by e-mail (big surprise) at, but be sure to read over the specific application requirements first. You should also check out their Core Values too – they say a lot about what Aweber is all about.

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