The truth is that many jobs at AREVA will require a technical background, but at a company of 50,000 people there should be opportunities for almost anyone.

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Electrical Engineer -- Project Lead
Elkridge, MD
Electrical Engineer -- Project Lead
Elkridge, MD
Amazon Grocery Warehouse Associate
Brunswick, MD
Dishwasher (Spanish)
Ashburn, VA
Vehicle Condition Assesor
Gaithersburg, MD

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I’ve been thinking about nuclear energy for a couple of reasons lately. One is that big oil spill that we have in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s put more momentum behind the alternative energy movement, and nuclear should be one of the options that we consider. The second reason is far more interesting (at least to me). It’s the fact that bananas are radioactive because they contain potassium-40. There are other foods that are even more radioactive like brazil nuts, but bananas are special because scientists often measure radiation in a banana equivalent doses, or the radioactive exposure that you would get from eating a banana. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t risks with nuclear energy, but they’re much smaller than most of us think—even a nuclear accident may expose an individual to less radiation than a banana. Since I had all of this on my mind, I figured that we’d take a look at AREVA, a French company that is a leader in “solutions for nuclear energy and renewable energies.”

Energizing Careers

I think that I actually became aware of AREVA from a tv commercial. Usually I can’t remember a brand that doesn’t have relevance to me now matter how good the commercial is, but for some reason AREVA stuck in my mind. They’re an absolutely huge company, so they’re not typical One Day, One Job material, but I figure that you’ve never heard of them, and they’re worth knowing about. The ability to generate carbon-free energy is only getting more important, and there aren’t many players better equipped to do it than AREVA. They have locations all across the world, and across the United States. The truth is that many jobs at AREVA will require a technical background, but at a company of 50,000 people there should be opportunities for almost anyone. AREVA has a special section of their Careers page for Recent Graduates, so check that out to get the scoop on all of the opportunities that they have across the world. Positions are separated into three categories: Technicians, Engineers, and Support Roles. I’m not going to list out the positions for you. You can explore AREVA on your own.

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What do you think about nuclear energy?

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Whole Foods Grocery Shopper - Hiring Now!
Amazon Ashburn, VA
Automotive Apprentice Technician
CarMax Sterling, VA
Part Time Apartment Waste Management - Nights - Pickup Truck or Trailer Preferred Up to $315 weekly
Home Caregiver (Ashburn) - No Certification For Some Positions
Home Instead Senior Care Ashburn, VA

2 responses to “AREVA”

  1. pat says:

    I am very interested in your website. My son graduated from the University of Purdue with a degree in Nuclear Engineering in 2009 and has since completed his Fundamental of Engineering License. He is so frustrated with the job search as he has sent his resume out thousands of times with little response. He is currently working for Apple but wants an engineering job especially in the nuclear field!! He has been positioned on several bids and waits and waits. I feel uncertain on how to help him and I know he is becoming quite discouraged. Do you have any ideas on how to assist with the entry level position- a recruiter?? Thank you for the informative website.

  2. Janika says:

    Hi Pat,
    I’m surprised your son hasn’t found anything yet, especially in Nuclear Engineering. Areva seems to constantly be looking for engineers. I live in Lynchburg, VA, and know several people here that work for Areva. Let me know if you’re interested in some contacts!


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