Right now Adify has a bunch of jobs posted, and a couple seem like they might be well suited for new grads.

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I finally got around to reading a review copy of Sramana Mitra’s Entrepreneur Journeys
over the weekend, and it offered a pleasant surprise. Beyond providing an inside look at the lives of more than a dozen entrepreneurs, it also provided me with a number of ideas for companies to write about here. Today, we’re going to take a look at Adify. They’re a San Bruno, CA based company that helps media companies build vertical ad networks by combining “advanced ad serving and targeting technology together with an invaluable layer of expert human judgment and monitoring.” In other words, they make it technologically easy for content companies to monetize their websites.


What Adify does may seem a little complex if you’re not familiar with the online advertising industry, but it’s actually pretty simple. Say that you have one of the most popular websites on fly fishing, and you want to sell advertising targeted to fly fishermen. Unfortunately, there’s no ad network that does the specifically, so you need to use a large ad network like Google’s that doesn’t really understand the audience as well as you do. With Adify, you can create your own ad network so that not only your site’s ad inventory can be sold, but you can also get other similar sites to join your network and sell their ad inventory. Adify provides the back end technology for all of this, while you can focus on content and selling advertising. It’s pretty cool. Right now Adify has a bunch of jobs posted, and a couple seem like they might be well suited for new grads. If you head over to their Jobs page, you should be sure to check out the QA Engineer, UI Engineer, Solutions Engineer, and Platform Solutions Associate. You can apply for any of the jobs by sending a cover letter and resume to jobs@adify.com.

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