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If you’re fascinated by communications technology, then Yankee Group in Boston, MA would be a great place to work.

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It’s funny how when a company gets on my radar, I often start hearing about them from multiple directions. It’s kind of like how when you learn the meaning of a word that you’d never heard of before, and then you notice it regularly frequently in daily conversation. It may be a coincidence, but it almost seems as though the word has finally achieved a certain level of inertia that it didn’t have before. Anyway, this seems to be the case with Boston, MA based Yankee Group. I had taken note of an internship with them a few days ago, and then a couple days later I came across this article about how the iPad is the fastest product to ever ramp to $1 billion in sales. You should read the article, it’s a decent introduction to the kind of stuff that Yankee Group focuses on. They call themselves “the global connectivity experts,” which in layman’s terms means that they’re a independent research and consulting firm that focuses on communications technology.

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Now it may seem strange that a company located in Boston has chosen to use the name Yankee Group, but I’m hoping that it’s a secret call for help from a Yankee fan who is trapped in Sawx Nation. Yankee Group’s big focus right now is on the Anywhere Revolution, which is a reference to “the convergence of three vital technological developments–digital communications, broadband Internet access and ubiquitous wireless networks.” This convergence is the focus of much of Yankee Group’s consulting and research work. If you’re fascinated by communications technology, then Yankee Group would be a great place to work. They did go through some substantial layoffs in late 2008 and early 2009, but their Careers page seems to show that they’re back to hiring. Most of their positions are targeted towards more experienced professionals, but there is one opening for a Telecommunications Research Associate that might be suitable for a new or recent grad. Take a look and see if it’s a good fit for you.

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