Tishman Speyer is hiring for its entry level Analyst Program, which is directed towards developing their next generation of real estate professionals.

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Senior Director Design & Construction
Washington, DC
Business Development Representative -DC Based
Washington, DC
Warehouse Package Handler
Chantilly, VA
Deliver Food with Gopuff - No Riders, No Restaurants
Reston, VA
Retail Fulfillment Associate, Dulles Town Center - Part Time
Sterling, VA
Amazon Delivery Station Amazon Delivery Station Associate - Jobs at Amazon
Sterling, VA
Team Member: Food Champion
Gainesville, VA
Vehicle Condition Assessor
Rockville, MD

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A lot of you probably started college with a strong interest in real estate. It’s understandable if much of that interest has evaporated as a result of the direction that the real estate market has taken over the last two years. New York real estate seemed to be the last bastion of hope, but with the fall of some major investment banks and a lot of fear on Wall Street, even that seemingly unstoppable market is starting to slow down. Still, if anyone can weather this storm, it’s hopefully the firm that did the biggest real estate deal in US history (the purchase of Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village for $5.4 billion). The firm behind that deal is Tishman Speyer, and even they seem to be struggling a bit as of late. Still, they make moves with the long-term in mind, and they’re prepared (both mentally and financially) to take a short term hit. Real estate isn’t the hot place for careers right now, but it’s still a field that is loaded with opportunity. There will always be people making money off of real estate deals, and there’s no better place to learn how to do that than Tishman Speyer.

Don’t Give Up on Real Estate

A look at Tishman Speyer’s properties tells you everything that you need to know about the firm. Just look at what they own in New York City or London. If that doesn’t make you drool at the prospect of landing a job at Tishman Speyer, we don’t know what will. We can’t access Tishman Speyer’s job listings, but that doesn’t really matter. They have a separate page for their Analyst Program that is directed towards developing “the next generation of real estate professionals for the company.” That means that they’re looking to hire new college graduates, and a few quick Google searches confirms that they’re still making their campus recruiting visits despite the economic conditions. They aim to do interviews in October and November, so now is the perfect time to apply for a job with them.

Tishman Speyer seems to do most of its entry level hiring through on campus recruiting, but they don’t provide a list of campuses that they are visiting. That means that you’ll have to check with your career services office to find out if Tishman Speyer is coming. If they aren’t visiting your campus (or if you missed them), you can send a cover letter, transcript, and resume to Eleonora Rabinovich at erabin-recruiting@tishmanspeyer.com. We’re not sure which locations they put in Analysts in, but Tishamn Speyer is headquartered in New York City with domestic offices in Atlanta, GA; Boston, MA; Chicago, IL; Los Angeles, CA; Miami, FL; Orange County, CA; Stamford, CT; San Francisco, CA; and Washington, DC. They also have 18 international locations.

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3 responses to “Tishman Speyer”

  1. Elvin Ames says:

    I’m the first to comment on this article, after it has been here for 4 months. I guess you guys never visited Tishman Speyer’s website & saw the properties they have acquired over the years, the magnificent of the buildings & the sheer magnitude of their port folio. Am I the only true romantic when it comes to Real Estate still alive, have all the wanna be get rich quick trill seekers disappeared? Well good riddance, I’m in this for life. I am working on buying my first apartment building & hope to do so in the next 3 months. By the way Mr. Tishman if you read this I’m willing to work for free. You can reach me at elvin@goldeneyeinvestments.com or 201-463-8354 Cell. Anyone looking to be a private lender to me can check out on of my sites at http://www.raggedyriches.com it’s my private lender site or http://www.webuyraggedyhouses.com is my flag ship site. This is a great article & yes I was Drooling too over the properties they own. My goal is to own a sky scraper by 45 however I think it may happen 10 years sooner. Wish me luck!
    Elvin Ames
    Managing member
    Golden Eye Investments LLC

  2. Aball says:

    LAYOFFS AT TISHMAN SPEYER> ANALYSTS BEWARE. INVESTORS HAVE BEGUN TO BAIL. As a current employee, I can testify that layoffs commenced close to a year ago in 2008 – there have been well over a dozen documented rounds of global layoffs. These have included several senior management staff and Investment Committee members. For those of us who still walk on eggshells daily, rumors of the India and China offices closing seem imminent. These will dramatically spike the layoff numbers, which are already well over 25% of our global staff. I predict a bleak year for those of us still affiliated with TS in 2009 and recommend looking elsewhere.

  3. JohnDRok says:

    I used to work for Tishman Speyer until I got let go last year because my position was no “longer needed”. The day I was let go and days after, 155 people were let go from various positions including admins, managers and directors. This has been going on with this company since summer of last year and it rampped up during the fall and winter. To this day it continues. What I dont get is this company lets go of the people who really work but keep 30-60 managing directors who do nothing but have their admins fetch their lunches for them or they stay in their offices all day and do nothing. Not sure how these people justify their pay. Oh I know how- theres a saying in tishman. These people are FOJ’s. These managing directors know nothing about how to treat tenants, yet they still have jobs. Go figure! The little people are the ones who are being taken to the slaughterhouse. I feel sorry for all my former coworkers who are still there walking on eggshells every day. The boondoggle that sty town has become is another testament of this company trying to buy property and bullying people to pay market rent. I hope this recession continues for a few more yrs cuz all those people working for tishman will be working for me.

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