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The New Press is an NYC non-profit that “publishes books that promote and enrich public discussion and understanding of the issues vital to our democracy."

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Reasoning Mind is a non-profit that uses technology to make math education fun, and they have 15 amazing entry level job opportunities available for upcoming grads.

I wonder how many great books were never published because major publishing houses didn’t think they would sell enough. Even Harry Potter may have never been published if it weren’t for an 8 year old nagging her dad to get her another chapter. But it’s not always about shortsightedness. Some books are extremely important, but don’t have mass market appeal. That’s why publishers like The New Press exist. They’re a non-profit that “publishes books that promote and enrich public discussion and understanding of the issues vital to our democracy and to a more equitable world.” The New Press is based in New York, NY and has been publishing important books since 1992.

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The New Press publishes about 50 books every year. Some end up being bestsellers, and some… well… don’t. That’s ok. Even though The New Press does about $3 million in sales every year and operates mostly like a traditional publisher, the numbers don’t matter all that much as long as they accomplish their goals:

to broaden the audience for serious intellectual work, especially by reaching out to audiences intellectually red-lined by commercial publishers; to bring out the work of traditionally underrepresented voices; and to address the problems of a society in transition, highlighting attempts at reform and innovation in a wide range of fields

The support of more than 40 private foundations makes that kind of idealism possible. If The New Press sounds interesting to you, take a look at their job postings on Idealist. Right now they’re looking for a Development and Academic Marketing Assistant. The position looks like a great fit for a new or recent grad.

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