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If there’s ever a time for retail stores to be firing on all cylinders, it’s right now. Consumers are often very sensitive when it comes to making purchases, so it’s no surprise that a substandard retail experience can cost companies money. It may be an employee with a rotten attitude or a poorly laid out store. It could be that the employees are uninformed about the products that they’re selling or they may not be offering the promotions that they should be. Whatever it is, Louisville, CO based Market Force Information will find out. They’re “the leading customer experience information and insights partner for multi-location businesses.” Through their “integrated suite of mystery shopping, direct customer feedback, on-site merchandising and analytics services,” they can tell a company why one of their stores is underperforming or identify ways that all stores can improve.

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From what I’ve gathered, there are a number of companies that give the mystery shopping business a bad name by running scams—some have even used Market Force Information’s name illegally. As far as I can tell, Market Force Information is one of the most sophisticated companies in the industry (and they appear to be totally legit). They have developed a methodology for identifying key triggers that improve customer experience and drive sales. It’s not based on voodoo science but real research and statistical methods. While running a mystery shopping business is relatively simple, it’s all of the behind the scenes stuff that makes what Market Force Information does so interesting. If you’re intrigued by customer experience analytics, you should check out jobs at Market Force Information. I’m sure they offer mystery shopping positions, but that’s not really what we’re interested in here. I’m more interested in the Panel Programs Marketing Coordinator that Market Force Information has listed. The job description goes into great detail about what they’re looking for, but never do they mention experience. The position definitely looks challenging, but it sounds like the kind of job where a really bright new grad could excel (I’m also going on the hint that Coordinator positions are typically lower level). You can apply online, so go ahead and give Market Force Information a closer look.

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