KEXP is a Seattle, WA based non-profit radio station that aims to enrich “people’s lives by championing music and discovery.”

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Seattle, WA

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When I think of a non-profit radio station, I immediately think of NPR, which is mostly talk with the occasional classical music. I know some people love it, but I usually can’t listen for more than about 15 minutes. My radio station preferences are for generic pop music or sports talk radio. I know it’s pretty lame, but that’s what keeps me entertained for parts of a long drive. Unfortunately, today most radio stations across the country are owned by the same big companies, so they tend to sound the same. KEXP is a Seattle, WA based non-profit radio station “where the music matters.” The goal is to enrich “people’s lives by championing music and discovery,” which is a far cry from what most radio stations are about today.

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KEXP is license through the University of Washington, but they appear to operate on their own. They have 45 DJs who also kind of operate on their own–they “have the creative authority to curate their own shows – in rock, hip hop, electronic, country, blues, world, and more.” With a library of 35,000 CDs and 12,000 records, you’re probably not going to hear the same song within the hour on KEXP. You also aren’t likely to hear the same song played on another station as you’re channel surfing (though why would you want to switch from KEXP?). If KEXP sounds like the kind of station that you’d set to your number one preset, check out their Jobs page. Right now they’re looking for a Development Assistant.

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