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It’s hard to say whether the American Pyrotechnics Association has any job openings, but I did some looking on LinkedIn, and they do have a small staff.

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I know that a lot of you are buried under feet of snow and not excited to hear about my vacation in the sunshine, but you’re going to have to deal with it today. This is the 6th consecutive New Year’s Eve that I’ve spent in Aruba, and every year it’s celebrated with lots and lots of fireworks. Unless you’ve been here for New Year’s Eve, there is no way that you can understand the amount of fireworks that people shoot off. I heard somewhere that the average Arubian spends 10-15% of their annual income on fireworks. It’s ridiculous. There are big shows put on by hotels and resorts, and there are backyard shows. From sundown until the early morning, the sky will be filled with pyrotechnics, which is why we’re going to look at the Bethesda, MD based American Pyrotechnics Association. They were founded in 1948 as “premier trade association of the fireworks industry.”

Happy New Year

As far as I can tell, the fireworks industry is pretty tight-knit. There are few American companies that have been in the business forever, and there are also a lot of Chinese importers. The American Pyrotechnics Association “has set the agenda and determined the priorities that serve the common good of the companies and professionals in the fireworks industry.” It’s hard to say whether they have any job openings, but I did some looking on LinkedIn, and they do have a small staff. I’m really just having fun with this post, but use New Year’s Eve to come up with new ideas. Look at the traditions and celebrations around you, and see what you might come up with. Or look at our past posts on Waterford, Times Square Alliance, and Martinelli’s. And if you don’t feel like it, set a resolution for the New Year and start tomorrow.

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