Rumsey is hiring new engineering graduates for jobs such as Energy Modeler, Energy Analyst, HVAC Design Engineer, and Plumbing Engineer.

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Safety Coordinator I (2642)
Ashburn, VA
Geotechnical Engineer, Project Level
Sterling, VA
Field Service Engineer - VA Manassas
Manassas, VA
Composite Technician (US Citizen) Ashburn, VA 22307 - 423596
Ashburn, VA
Product Support Engineer
Herndon, VA
Characterization Scientist
Frederick, MD
Mechanical Engineer
Chantilly, VA
Engineer II - $21.87 with experience + Sign-On Bonus!
Bethesda, MD
Product Development Engineer
Leesburg, VA
Process Development Scientist II - Upstream - Now Featuring a $10,000 Sign on Bonus
Rockville, MD

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My house in college was not energy efficient, unless you consider the heating system’s not working half the time a feature of design. The doors and windows all leaked cold air in the winter, and it was impossible to cool the house down below about 95 degrees in the summer. We even tried covering the windows in the winter for added insulation, but it didn’t help much. Our monthly heating bills were outrageous despite the fact that my roommates were cheap and insisted on turning the thermostat down below the point at which our landlord warned us that the pipes would freeze. Energy efficiency was clearly not a priority for whoever built our house, but if it had been they could have hired someone like Rumsey Engineers to design it.

An Environmentally Minded Company in the Bay Area? No Way!

If you were to start a company that offered green engineering services, where would you locate it? Probably in an area with a lot of smug somewhere that people are relatively well off and generally environmentally conscious. Well there’s no place that better fits that description that the San Francisco Bay Area, and that’s why Rumsey Engineers has located themselves in Oakland, CA. They are a company with a “passion for high performance, environmentally sustainable and energy efficient heating, ventilating and air conditioning system designs.” So that’s what they design. It’s smart to follow your passions. Not only are energy efficient designs something that customers can feel good about, but they’re also a great response to rising energy costs. I’d certainly be considerably richer if my college living quarters hadn’t sucked up energy like a 3 hour lecture right after lunch.

They’re Hiring… Wait for It… Engineers

A quick look at Rumsey Engineers’ Careers page shows that all of their job listings require 2+ years experience. So why are we posting about them? Because companies often say things like “2 years experience” but really don’t mean them. This isn’t just some speculation on our part, for we’ve found these same jobs advertised on a college job board as entry-level. Rumsey is hiring new engineering graduates for jobs such as Energy Modeler, Energy Analyst, HVAC Design Engineer, and Plumbing Engineer. Rumsey Engineers prides itself on having a relaxed environment, but a high performance workplace. That sounds just right for a new grad from a top engineering program.

Resumes and cover letters can be sent to Even if the positions listed don’t appeal to you, but you have an interest in green engineering or energy issues, they’d love to hear from you.

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How energy efficient are your living quarters? Has your college provided energy efficient housing, or are you stuck with a landlord who couldn’t care less? Leave a comment.

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  1. Agustin says:

    Wow! Cool. I wonder if this company has ever designed a house with “Green” oil as a heating solution. There’s a cool B5 blend that produces no greenhouse gases and eliminates emissions. Here at NORA I have been searching for many heating alternatives and I am convinced bioheat is a great move towards heating a home. You gave me a link, here’s my contribtuion to you: . Check it out, it’s neat. As far as this job posting, I will be sending the link to my cousin who graduated from his Engineering program at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He’d be perfect for the job. He’s the one who turned me onto the whole “green” trend. Hahaha.

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