Masten Space Systems still has a very small team, but they do seem to be adding people occasionally at their office in Mojave, CA.

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“Just gas ’em up and go!” is not the slogan that you’d expect to hear from an aerospace company, but that’s exactly how easy Masten Space Systems would like space travel to be. They’re a space startup, and they’re working on “developing a line of Vertical Takeoff and Vertical Landing (VTVL) launch vehicles,” although Masten is also know for offering to send your junk into space for a reasonable fee. Anyway, the whole idea behind what Masten Space Systems is doing is to create rocket vehicles that are reliable and reusable.

Vertical Takeoff for Your Career

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Masten Space Systems’ CFO and VP of Business Development, Michael Mealling, recently did a pitch at Startup Riot and posted the video presentation on the Masten blog. We’ve posted the video above since it is the best way for you to get familiar with the company.

Masten Space Systems still has a very small team, but they do seem to be adding people occasionally. Right now they’re looking for a Senior Engineer / Project Manager, a Technician / Fabricator, and an Office Manager. The Technician / Fabricator job is the only one that seems like it could be well suited to a new college grad. It requires welding / brazing experience and manual / CNC milling experience, so you shouldn’t apply unless you’ve had your hands dirty before. Masten is growing, so you may want to try sending a resume and cover letter for an unlisted position. If you stick out as someone who would be perfect for their team, they’ll probably hold on to your resume until something opens up. Another option is to try for an internship at Masten Space Systems. They give their interns extremely high level work, and it might be a good way to get a foot in the door. Masten Space Systems is located in Mojave, CA and requires that all job applicants fill out an employment application and attach it with a resume and cover letter in an e-mail to

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