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If you like the test prep market and think that it could be a cool place to start your career, then you’ll want to check out Careers with ManhattanGMAT.

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Data Entry Clerk Work From Home - Part-Time Focus Group Participants ($750/Week)
Ashburn, VA
Package Sorter - Immediate Hire
Ashburn, VA
Distribution Technician I
Sterling, VA
work from home
Sterling, VA
PSE Mail Handler
Sterling, VA
Warehouse Person (Full Time/Part Time Loader) - PepsiCo
Ashburn, VA
Parts Runner/Helper
Oakton, VA
Warehouse Worker - Mid Shift
Ashburn, VA
Fairfax, VA
Warehouse Associate - Immediate Hire
Ashburn, VA

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I’m sure plenty of you intend to go to grad school in the future, or you’re considering it now that you’re realizing how tough the job market really is. I have absolutely no intention of going back to school because I’m enjoying learning by doing way too much. I also want nothing to do with standardized tests ever again. But if I was going to take a standardized test like the GMAT, I’d probably want to enroll myself in prep course (because my high school strategy of getting a good night’s sleep the night before the test can only take me so far). From what I’ve heard from friends, ManhattanGMAT is one of the best out there. They’re quite obviously based in New York City, but they have locations all across the country. ManhattanGMAT delivers success for their students by staying true to 3 core concepts: focus, superior curriculum, and real teachers (who scored in the 99th percentile on the GMAT).

Prep Yourself

It astounds me that college students and grads will spend thousands of dollars on test prep, but will begrudgingly turn over $27 for a job search prep course that will help them get a job faster. The people in the test prep business have done a fantastic job of developing their market, and ManhattanGMAT has moved in at the higher end of that market. They’re also doing it with their sister company AtlasLSAT, which offers similar products and services for our future lawyers. If you like the test prep market and think that it could be a cool place to start your career, then you’ll want to check out Careers with ManhattanGMAT. They offer both GMAT Instructor positions and Corporate positions. We’ll take a look at the latter, since most new grads aren’t yet qualified to be ManhattanGMAT instructors. ManhattanGMAT’s current full-time job openings include Marketing Associate and Marketing Associate – ManhattanGRE (sounds like a new project), while they also have part-time positions in Internet Marketing, Marketing, Operations, and Information Technology. You can apply online for any of the positions.

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Overnight Airport Shuttle Driver
Managed Labor Solutions Sterling, VA
Diesel Technician/Mechanic III - Entry Level
Penske Logistics Manassas, VA
Sales Professional
Gables Residential Services Washington, DC
Medicare Retention Agent (082624)
SelectQuote Ashburn, VA
Distribution Technician I
SOFIE Sterling, VA

5 responses to “ManhattanGMAT”

  1. Jennifer says:

    I worked at ManhattanGMAT and I had a very bad experience. The training was super minimal and they didn’t even have an employee handbook or anything. Some of the managers just aren’t good with people and don’t know how to clearly set expectations and frankly, communicate (I went months without speaking to my supervisor).

    Anyway, people seemed to enjoy the classes there and all that seemed pretty professional and on the up and up. I would say that you could make a lot of money being a test prep instructor (although its hard to get the score), but the company isn’t worth working for. There’s not really room for growth and the work is boring and very sales-oriented. I saw them treat one entry level employee with a totally disproportionate amount of cruelty and malice, so much so that I wanted to post this anonymously for fear of retribution.

    I’m just encouraging people to do their homework and trust their instincts when applying here. I think that during the interview and first few days of a job, these things are red flags at any company:
    -Being insulted during the interview (unless you believe in stress interviews)
    -No employee handbook
    -No training
    -Not really knowing who your supervisor is
    -No communication with your supervisor
    -Rules and duties “made up” according to different people
    -Unsafe work environment

  2. Jster says:

    What makes the work environment unsafe?

  3. Annonymous says:

    To be quite honest, I am extremely disappointed in the professionalism of Manhattan GMAT. The classes are top-notch, but the hiring process for corporate positions (not instructors) is very unorganized and inefficient. Though you would expect some disorganization in a small company environment (even though MGMAT was acquired by Kaplan), the inefficient and unprofessional manner in which they respond to applicants is simply unparalleled. In addition, they often mislead candidates.

    Without giving too many details. For many positions they have available, the interview process is typically three steps. A phone interview with the CEO (fairly easy going because he is a nice guy), an in-person interview and a case assignment. The case assignment is pretty easy but time consuming. Next comes the offer from [name redacted].

    Manhattan GMAT has a tendency to offer candidates who apply for full-time positions, part-time options. Though it makes sense to manage costs, many candidates which have multiple employment options and a current full-time job find going through so many rounds a complete waste of time for a (excuse my language, but shitty) part-time offer. Be careful to not waste your time. Also, after speaking with employees that were on the part to full time path (some of my friends), it is VERY VERY SLOW. MGMAT infamous for taking past 6+ months to make an offer full time offer to part-time employees. That is 6 months with no healthcare benefits, arbitrary work hours and low pay. In addition, the full time jobs advertise “total compensation” which includes a base salary+bonus. The performance-based bonus comprises a large portion of the total compensation so do not be fooled by MGMAT’s compensation advertisement.

    Additionally, the recruiting department, though friendly via email and telephone, is incredibly vague when it comes to informing candidates about the next steps in the selection process. In fact, if you apply for a job there and interview, email them within a week because they often forget to follow up! Perhaps with time, the company will grow to be more professional in its recruiting process. However, coming from a corporate environment and a fortune 500 company, this may be expecting too much from MGMAT.

    Overall, MGMAT has great classes but its corporate structure is so-so and I would be cautious before thinking about a career there. There are many jobs available for young college graduates and it appears to be an adequate place to work (for those without other options). However, there is not much room for corporate growth (though advertised differently). In essence, be cautious before accepting an offer and understand what type of environment your getting into. Also, be VERY cautious of a part-time job offer. Unless you will ok making $12 and hour for 6+ months (worst case scenario), go somewhere else.

    P.S. this review only applies to corporate positions. The Instructor 100+ recruiting and training process appears better organized and a great part-time career, but I am not qualified to make an assessment.

  4. Annoynmous says:

    Manhattan GMAT is one of the worst places to work. There is absolutely no guidance and you have no idea who your real boss is at all times. The place is disorganized, the office is real messy, and the recent merger with Kaplan just made the organization even more inefficient. I was so happy to leave that low paying crap job a few months ago and move on

    I think if you want to teach there, its a great place to work. For all other jobs (marketing, operations etc), there is NO room for growth. They try to come off as all professional and exclusive, but truth is, the business is not run professionally at all. The work hours are unpredictable and they sometimes dont tell you until a day in advance that they need you to wok on a Saturday. Ugh, thinking about that place makes me cringe.

    bottom line: If you are making 100 dollars an hour as a teacher, its great. Classes are pretty good (I even have to admit that)- But the work environment is HORRIBLE! Take my advice, GO AWAY FAST.

    Also, they have the worst benefits package for entry level employees. Healthcare sucks. They claim on their website they have “work parties” and “trips to the hamptons”—> all bull****. I read that recently and laughed. They mislead employees, lie to business schools and potential clients, treat employees with the attitude “you are so lucky to even have the opportunity to work here,” and run the company like an ADHD child: no direction, high tempers, and with no organization.

  5. Andrew Yang says:

    Hello. I’m the President of Manhattan GMAT. I have to say that the accounts above are unrecognizable to me. At least half of our current employees were themselves referred by current employees, and our turnover is exceedingly low at every level. We also pay at least market, and generally above, at all positions. We pride ourselves on being a great place to work, and I’d go out on a limb and say that most everyone that works here feels that way. We do our best to create a positive work environment in large part because we’ve seen other work environments that were, frankly, not-so-great.

    There are a couple points written above that I want to address. The company goes on trips, has parties, and goes to shows and concerts (Lady Gaga and Spider-Man on Broadway being recent examples). Many of these events are for full-time staff, and part-timers aren’t always included. This is the case for a few reasons. One is cost. Another is logistics. The third is that our goal is to build strong bonds and a positive culture among the full-time staff. A very high proportion of our part-timers actually apply to become full-timers, many successfully. And we almost always promote from within. We think that’s another way to build a good, strong culture.

    Please spend a little bit of time clicking on our bios (all of our staff are listed) and see if the people seem likable or to be enjoying themselves:

    If you’re interested in a fun, challenging, fast-paced and rewarding place to work, please do consider applying to join us. After you talk to us or set foot in the office and meet a few people, you will be able to judge for yourself whether this might be someplace you would want to work. The best thing to do is to trust yourself and your own first-hand judgment. Kick the tires. Choosing someplace to work, even part-time, is a big commitment of time and energy, and you want to make the best, most fully-informed decision possible as to how and where you’ll spend your time.

    Note: There’s no guarantee that you’ll be hired, because we are very picky! :)

    Hope to see you soon.


    Andrew Yang
    Manhattan GMAT

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