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Kramerica Industries is a New York, NY based energy, fashion, food, tourism, and housing conglomerate that is in the business of thinking up new ventures.

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92F Petroleum Supply Specialist
Dulles, VA
92F Petroleum Supply Specialist
Dulles, VA
Light Industrial
Sterling, VA
Survey Instrument Operator
Germantown, MD
Environmental, Health, -&- Safety Engineer-
Manassas, VA
Food Safety Specialist
Vienna, VA
Project Safety Assistant
Reston, VA
Manassas, VA
Banking Industry Consultant
Bethesda, MD
Environmental Health and Safety Officer III
Chantilly, VA

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Last year I wrote a post on The Human Fund. It was one of our most popular posts ever, and I’ve been looking for similar organizations with job opportunities ever since. This morning I realized that The Human Fund actually has a for-profit wholly owned subsidiary that is worth taking a look at. The company is called Kramerica Industries, and it’s a New York, NY based energy, fashion, food, tourism, and housing conglomerate. All of its future profits will be funneled towards The Human Fund’s mission of “money for the people.” Kramerica Industries has not yet reached profitability, but that’s not unusual for a business that is centered around R&D intensive projects.

Putting Ideas to Work

As far as I can tell, Kramerica Industries has been operating for nearly 25 years. In that time they’ve worked on projects including:

  • A chain of make your own pizza restaurants
  • Rubber bladders for oil tankers
  • Leveled housing
  • Cologne that makes you smell like you went to the beach
  • Fake wood wallpaper
  • A coffee table book about coffee tables
  • Brassieres for men
  • A tour based on a mail order catalog
  • Brick oven clothing dryers
  • Recycling arbitrage
  • Roll-out tie dispensers
  • A chain of peanut butter and jelly restaurants
  • Cars with periscopes
  • A rickshaw service
  • Reverse peepholes for doors
  • Shower garbage disposals
  • Screen doors for apartments
  • Ketchup and mustard in the same bottle

Launching new ventures is hard, so it’s not surprising that none of these have taken off yet. I still think there’s time for Kramerica Industries to be the next Facebook. The company’s leadership team is littered with well-known names like H.E. Pennypacker, Dr. Martin Van Nostrand, Professor Peter Van Nostrand, and The Assman. Kramerica Industries has also employed at least one past intern from NYU named Darin. Darin was unpaid and his school revoked the credit that they were going to give him, but you may have better luck. I’ve heard that the company’s Founder and CEO needs to free up some time so that he can focus on coming up with more ideas.

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