Now, if you want to get a job with kgb, you’re going to have to do some serious sleuthing (or maybe you could just spend 50 cents to ask them via text).

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System Engineer V
Chantilly, VA
Retail Fulfillment Associate, Fair Oaks Mall - Variable Hours
Fairfax, VA
Team Member: Food Champion
Gainesville, VA
Contract Administrator (Secret Clearance) Dulles, VA.
Dulles, VA
Ashburn, VA
Store Operator
Manassas, VA

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Have you always wanted to be a secret agent? Well here’s a mission, if you choose to accept it: try to land a job with New York City based kgb. No, I’m not talking about Russia’s version of the CIA. I’m talking about “the world’s largest independent provider of directory assistance and enhanced information services.” Formerly known as INFONXX, kgb is in the business of making information easily available. If you’ve seen their commercials, then you’re probably most familiar with their “Ask Us Anything” service. I personally think it’s for lazy people, but that’s because I’m a huge advocate for developing your own research skills. If getting the answer to your question is worth 50 cents, then that’s cool, but I’m gonna Google it myself. The good news is that kgb’s business goes well beyond charging lazy people who need their stupid questions answered.

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Now, if you want to get a job with kgb, you’re going to have to do some serious sleuthing (or maybe you could just spend 50 cents to ask via text what kind of jobs they have available). It’s not that they’re all secretive, being the kgb and all, they’re just kind of disorganized with their recruitment message. On the main site, the only prominent link is for their work at home opportunities (they title it “become an agent”). These jobs basically entail answering questions for a cut of the 50 cents, so that’s probably not what you’re looking to do with that college degree that you just got. Hidden in this section is a link to kgb_USA’s Careers page. Here you’ll find some more interesting opportunities. They’re sorted by location, so you’ll have to check each location to see all the jobs. They have Customer Service Representative positions in San Antonio, TX; Lubbock, TX; and Hawaii. Additionally, they have jobs in Database Administration and Accounts Receivable in Bethlehem, PA. That’s not it, though. There are also jobs with kgb web in New York City posted on Startuply. These include positions like Developer of Data, Master Ruby Developer, and Usability Expert. As you can see, jobs with kgb are kind of all over the place. How you apply will depend on which positions you’re applying for, so show off your research skills if you want to land a job with kgb.

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Senior Capture Manager (Technology Solutions & Products Group)
Akima, LLC Shared Services Herndon, VA

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  1. brianguy says:

    I signed up to work for kgb, and can tell you it wasn’t a grueling process. previously I signed up for another one and went through all their (heavy handed) training mumbo jumbo, which in the end didn’t really work out.

    the pay for kgb is not really that much but it’s a fun little pursuit on the side or something to do at home part-time in between other things or during your downtime. plus, you can do it anywhere anytime. however, the most you will make per week is not really a huge amount.

    by the way, to have your questions answered it’s 99c each (not 50c)

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