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Looking for an entry level job or internship in public relations? This is an overview of how to approach the search and a list of companies that might have relevant entry level and internship opportunities.

In April 2010 BP’s Deepwater Horizon well exploded, sending oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico and into the news for three months. Boycotts of BP gas stations popped up all across the country as frustration grew over the company’s failed efforts to stop the massive leak. The gushing well wasn’t their only problem, as their public relations efforts continued to make the situation worse according to many. First, they delayed responding at all, allowing the fake and humorous BPGlobalPR Twitter feed to dominate the conversation by relaying the angst of the public. Furthermore, when BP did issue public statements they lacked a show of human compassion, said most public relations experts. President Barack Obama voiced that the money spent on their multi-million dollar national TV spot should have gone to cleanup and compensating devastated fisherman and small business owners. In every company’s history there are public relations crises like this, which is why Public Relations Coordinators exist. A PR Coordinator is in charge of crafting a company’s story to help portray it in a positive light across the media to potential customers every day.

Public Relations Careers

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Public Relations Career Guide Overview

  1. What a Public Relations Coordinator Does
  2. A Typical Day for a Public Relations Coordinator
  3. Salary and Career Progression for a Public Relations Coordinator
  4. Best Locations for Public Relations Coordinators
  5. Pros and Cons of Being a Public Relations Coordinator
  6. What You Need to Know for a Career in Public Relations
  7. Public Relations Resources
  8. Careers Related to Public Relations
  9. Companies with Jobs and Internships in Public Relations

What a Public Relations Coordinator Does

A Public Relations Coordinator works to create and maintain a favorable public image for an organization. They do this by analyzing public opinion towards their company and using this information to help shape their organization’s policies and refine the story they’re crafting about it. As part of building the story, they help coordinate events and promote their company across print, broadcast, and online media.

A Typical Day for a Public Relations Coordinator

While a typical day might vary, here are some tasks you’ll probably encounter:

  • meeting with clients and team members to create stories you’ll convey to the public
  • pitching via email or phone to secure media coverage
  • writing news releases and sending them to media
  • networking with people working in media
  • monitoring media coverage
  • tracking expenses
  • assembling media kits
  • writing and designing newsletters
  • creating editorial calendars
  • assisting with fundraising
  • crafting speeches
  • planning and holding events

Salary and Career Progression for a Public Relations Coordinator

On average a PR Coordinator makes $43,000 per year. Beyond that you can go on to become a Communications Director ($92,000 on average per year), a Publicist ($52,000 on average per year), a Public Relations Director ($92,000 on average per year), or a Public Relations Specialist ($52,000 on average per year).

Best Locations for Public Relations Coordinators

Here are some hot spots for PR coordinators:

  • New York, New York
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Austin, Texas
  • San Francisco, California
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Baltimore, Maryland

Pros and Cons of Being a Public Relations Coordinators

  • Plenty of available positions–employment is supposed to grow by 24 percent from 2008-2018
  • It’s fun to craft the story and essence of a company and share it with people
  • You can work within a number of different industries–you’ll find opportunities at large corporations, nonprofits, universities and hospitals
  • May have lots of job-related stress due to deadlines and intense work schedule
  • Irregular and sometimes long work hours (events may take place after-hours)
  • Always on call for public relations crises

What You Need to Know for a Career in Public Relations

To be a PR Coordinator you’ll generally need a bachelor’s degree in communications, PR, journalism, or marketing. Beyond that employers are looking for people with excellent writing and communication skills. It’s also important that you have interpersonal skills, and that you’re organized, deadline-oriented, proactive, and creative. And finally it’s great to have new media experience–so to get started begin branding yourself across the internet. Create profiles on social media outlets that reflect your own story.

Public Relations Resources

If Public Relations still sounds like your cup of tea, here are a few things you should do to get started.

Required Reading

Key Folks to Follow on Twitter

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Networking Opportunities

Job Search Resources

Careers Related to Public Relations

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Public Relations Coordinator (Part-Time)
City of Leesburg, VA Leesburg, VA
Public Relations/Marketing Internship Part-Time in Worldwide - Remote Worldwide
Borgen Project Alexandria, VA
Public Relations & Communications Assistant - Entry Level
Ultimate Charities Bethesda, MD
Public Affairs Specialist - Entry/Full Performance Level
National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) Chantilly, VA
Lead Public Relations Specialist
Links Global Rockville, MD
Junior Public Relations Specialist
Aptive Washington, DC
Public Works Technician
Loudoun County Government Leesburg, VA
Public and Media Relations Manager
Gallaudet Washington, DC
Public Affairs Specialist - Entry/Full Performance Level
National Reconnaissance Office Chantilly, VA
Entry Level Marketing and Public Relations Assistant
Smart Solutions Bethesda, MD

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Companies with Entry Level Jobs and Internships in Public Relations

Chute Logo

Chute - Chute is based in SF and has developed a “visual content engine for brands” that makes “it easy to keep pace with your customers and create compelling, fresh content."

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Fashion Update Logo

Fashion Update - Fashion Update is a New York, NY based company that offers tours that will help you “find designer name merchandise for less than a fraction of the retail cost.”

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HDMZ - HDMZ is a Chicago, IL and San Francisco, CA based healthcare and life science marketing agency that was founded in 1936.

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MOCA - MOCA is the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, and they are the only museum in L.A. that is entirely dedicated to contemporary art.

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RocksBox Logo

RocksBox - RocksBox is a San Francisco, CA based company that lets you “experiment with different looks, discover the latest designers, and only buy the jewelry that you truly love.”

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Kellen Company Logo

Kellen Company - Kellen Company is a "professional services company serving associations, companies and foundations” with offices in Atlanta, New York, Denver, Chicago, and D.C.

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GoPro Logo

GoPro - GoPro is a San Mateo, CA based company that has built a huge business by offering “the world’s most versatile camera.”

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Relias Learning Logo

Relias Learning - Relias Learning is based in Cary, NC and offers “online training to senior care, health and human services, corrections, and intellectual and developmental disabilities organizations.”

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Tierney Logo

Tierney - Tierney is a Philadelphia, PA based agency that does advertising, PR, media, interactive, crisis management, and branding.

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Loverly Logo

Loverly - Loverly is a New York, NY based "one-stop-shop for wedding planning where brides and grooms find ideas, people to hire and things to buy.”

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Lyft Logo

Lyft - Lyft is a San Francisco, CA based company that offers “on-demand ridesharing” in nearly 20 cities across the country.

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Lilly Pulitzer Logo

Lilly Pulitzer - Lilly Pulitzer is a King of Prussia, PA based fashion brand and retailer that is known for its over the top, colorful prints.

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Sterling-Rice Group Logo

Sterling-Rice Group - Sterling-Rice Group is a Boulder, CO based, food-focused “strategy, innovation, and communications firm that grows businesses and builds brands in considerable ways.”

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Oxford University Press Logo

Oxford University Press - Oxford University Press is “the world’s largest university press with the widest global presence” and has U.S. offices in New York, NY and Cary, NC.

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HL Group Logo

HL Group - HL Group is an NYC based agency that offers services ranging “from media relations and corporate communications strategies to flawless event execution.”

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Yoga Alliance Logo

Yoga Alliance - Yoga Alliance is an Arlington, VA non-profit trade association that exists “to sustain and support the field of yoga.”

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Brandwatch Logo

Brandwatch - Brandwatch is a New York, NY based company that is “all about monitoring what people say about your brand, products, competitors, industry or any related topics.”

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Lumi Logo

Lumi - Lumi is a Los Angeles, CA based company that has developed “a revolutionary photographic print process for textiles and natural materials.”

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Everlane Logo

Everlane - Everlane is a LA and SF based “luxury clothing design and manufacturing company” that “aims to provide low-cost, high-quality goods by cutting out middlemen.”

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Grovo Logo

Grovo - Grovo is an NYC based company that “produces one-minute video lessons covering every change to the world’s most popular websites, mobile apps and online tools.”

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90octane Logo

90octane - 90octane is a Denver, CO based online marketing agency that does online advertising, email marketing, microsite and landing page development, SEO, and PPC.

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Grouper Logo

Grouper - Grouper is a New York, NY based dating startup/social club “that sets up drinks between 2 groups of friends.”

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Loudpixel Logo

Loudpixel - Loudpixel is a Lansing, MI based “digital consultancy that works with companies and brands to deliver unbiased social media monitoring, measurement and insights.”

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AmeriCares Logo

AmeriCares - AmeriCares is a Stamford, CT based “nonprofit disaster relief and humanitarian aid organization which provides immediate response to emergency medical needs."

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WCG Logo

WCG - WCG is a San Francisco, CA based “independent strategic communications firm” that is embracing “the positive future of communications.”

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Mullen Logo

Mullen - Mullen is a Boston, MA based agency that is “on a mission to work with the world’s most innovative marketers.”

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Yankee Candle Logo

Yankee Candle - I can’t think of a bigger name in candles than Yankee Candle, so I thought we should take a look at the South Deerfield, MA based candle maker and retailer.

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Phelps Logo

Phelps - Phelps does. They’re a Santa Monica, CA based integrated marketing communications agency that describes what they do as “All Communications. One Voice.”

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SEER Interactive Logo

SEER Interactive - SEER Interactive is a Philadelphia, PA based online marketing agency that specializes in SEO, SEM, Analytics, and Conversion Optimization.

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Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Logo

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters - One of the more interesting success stories in the coffee business is Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, which started as a small coffee shop in 1981.

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BlueGlass Interactive Logo

BlueGlass - BlueGlass is a Tampa, FL based company aiming to “change the way companies market themselves online with extraordinary strategies, service and software."

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Collette Vacations Logo

Collette Vacations - Collette Vacations is a Pawtucket, RI based company that offers “more than 150 expertly designed, escorted tours spanning 50-plus countries."

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VSCPR - VSCPR is “an award-winning strategic public relations and digital marketing boutique " based in San Francisco and New York.

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JESS3 Logo

JESS3 - JESS3is a Los Angeles, CA based “creative interactive agency that specializes in the art of data visualization

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Showtime Logo

Showtime - Showtime is a New York, NY based media company that offers premium cable/satellite programming, and they're hiring.

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BUZZMEDIA - Pop culture is like a drug, and BUZZMEDIA is a dealer. They run more than 40 web properties, and they're hiring.

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Sparkpr Logo

Sparkpr - Sparkpr is a tech focused PR firm that serves big name clients like Bing Travel, Electronic Arts, The Economist, Flickr and more, and they're hiring.

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National Ability Center Logo

National Ability Center - National Ability Center in Park City, UT uses activities and sports to aid the “the development of lifetime skills for people of all ages and abilities.”

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Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation Logo

Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation - If you love the sporting life and its intersection with politics, you should consider a job with the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation in Washington, DC.

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Everyday Health Logo

Everyday Health - Everyday Health provides “consumers, healthcare professionals, and brands with content and advertising-based services," and they're hiring.

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Emanate Logo

Emanate - Emanate is an NYC and LA base PR firm that focuses on action and results with a side of irreverence, and they're hiring new grads.

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Greatist Logo

Greatist - Greatist inspires "young, savvy, and social" people to "make one healthier choice per week," and they're hiring new grads for a variety of positions.

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Voxy Logo

Voxy - Voxy is an NYC based company that has developed an amazing platform for using life experiences to learn a new language, and they're hiring.

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Consumer Electronics Association Logo

Consumer Electronics Association - Consumer Electronics Association is an organization that represents more than 2,000 members in the consumer electronics industry, and they're hiring.

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Batter Blaster Logo

Batter Blaster - Batter Blaster is an Austin, TX based company that makes making pancakes as easy as using a whipped cream can.

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The Humane Society Logo

The Humane Society of the United States - The Humane Society of the United States is the country's largest animal protection organization, and they're hiring.

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Inspirato Logo

Inspirato - Inspirato is a Denver, CO based luxury destination club that provides access to high end properties, and they're hiring.

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Macmillan Logo

Macmillan - Macmillan is the public face of a ton of U.S. publishers owned by a German media company, and they have a ridiculous number of job opportunities.

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Nasty Gal Logo

Nasty Gal - Nasty Gal is a Los Angeles, CA based e-commerce site that features "a highly curated selection of vintage pieces," and they're hiring.

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mcgarrybowen logo

mcgarrybowen - mcgarrybowen is based in Chicago and New York, and they were just named Agency of the Year by AdAge. Sounds like a good place to land a job.

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