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Rose Roofing Virtual Hiring Event!
Rose Roofing and Restoration Point Of Rocks, MD
Rose Roofing Virtual Hiring Event!
Rose Roofing and Restoration Arlington, VA
Wegmans Food Markets Washington, DC
Full Time & Part Time Jobs Hiring Now
AD | Ashburn, VA
Prepared Foods Team Member (Deli Service Counter & Culinary Venues) - Part Time
Whole Foods Ashburn, VA
Food Perparation worker
McDonald's Ashburn, VA
PT Frozen Food Dairy Associate
Food Lion Ashburn, VA
ALDI Potomac, MD
Crew Member - Apply Now
MOD Pizza Ashburn, VA
Director of Food Beverage
LINE DC Washington, DC

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Companies with Entry Level Jobs and Internships in Food

UrbanDaddy Logo

UrbanDaddy - You love free daily e-mails. Obviously. UrbanDaddy is one that's hiring, and they cover "the single thing you need to know every day about your city."

See the complete UrbanDaddy profile

The Taunton Press Logo

The Taunton Press - Based in Newton, CT, The Taunton Press may be a great place to work if you're interested in their topical areas or interested in publishing in general.

See the complete The Taunton Press profile

Tasting Table Logo

TastingTable - If you love food and e-mail newsletters, than TastingTable is a great place to work whether it's on the editorial side or the ad sales side.

See the complete TastingTable profile

SinglePlatform Logo

SinglePlatform - If you want a job in the restaurant industry without having to wait tables, check out SinglePlatform’s Careers page.

See the complete SinglePlatform profile

Visions in Action Logo

Visions in Action - Visions in Action is a non-profit that works in four key program areas: Food Security, Education, Health, and International Exchange, and they're hiring.

See the complete Visions in Action profile

CytoSport Logo

CytoSport - If you’re fitness focused and interested at working at one of the top brands in the supplement industry, then you should check out jobs at CytoSport.

See the complete CytoSport profile

Macy's Logo

Macy’s - This year we’ve been influenced by the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, so we’re going to take a look at entry level jobs at Macy’s.

See the complete Macy’s profile

Crumbs Logo

Crumbs - With all the growth should come jobs; however, Crumbs doesn’t seem to have a Jobs page. We've got you covered.

See the complete Crumbs profile

Nestle Purina Logo

Nestle Purina - The Nestle Purina Management Trainee Program offers a variety of opportunities in three locations: Jefferson, WI; Davenport, IA; and Bloomfield, MO.

See the complete Nestle Purina profile

Food Should Taste Good Logo

Food Should Taste Good - Food Should Taste Good's Join the Team page should tell you everything that you need to know about their jobs. It sounds like a pretty delicious place to work.

See the complete Food Should Taste Good profile

Cofed Logo

CoFed - If reading about CoFed is making you hungry to learn more, then you should check out their Jobs and Internships page.

See the complete CoFed profile

Thomas Keller Restaurant Group Logo

Thomas Keller Restaurant Group - Browse through the jobs at all of Thomas Keller’s restaurants and see what suits you. There are some great opportunities.

See the complete Thomas Keller Restaurant Group profile

The Balsams Logo

The Balsams - If you have vacation on your mind, check out The Balsams and see how you can find a way to stay with them as an employee—or a guest.

See the complete The Balsams profile

Immaculate Baking Co. Logo

Immaculate Baking Co. - So, back when I first took note of Immaculate Baking Co., they had a Jobs page. Now they don't, but that doesn't mean that you're out of luck.

See the complete Immaculate Baking Co. profile

Vita Coco Logo

Vita Coco - Vita Coco doesn’t have a jobs page, but it’s evident from Craigslist searches and their LinkedIn Company Profile that they’re doing a lot of hiring.

See the complete Vita Coco profile


PMCA - The PMCA does have staff, but it’s hard to say whether they’re hiring or not. You'll have to reach out to them to find out.

See the complete PMCA profile

Foodzie Logo

Foodzie - Foodzie doesn’t list any positions on their Careers page, but they do say that they want to hear from interested people.

See the complete Foodzie profile

Aldi Logo

ALDI - Another interesting thing about ALDI is that they hire their District Managers straight out of college, and they pay them exceedingly well ($70k per year well).

See the complete ALDI profile

General Mills Logo

General Mills - Because General Mills is such a large company, they have a very strong Campus Recruiting Program for a wide variety of entry level positions.

See the complete General Mills profile

Hostess Brands Logo

Hostess Brands - If it sounds like a brand that you might want to be a part of, then you can check out Hostess Brands’ Jobs page.

See the complete Hostess Brands profile

Tomato Mountain Farm Logo

Tomato Mountain Farm - Interested in what Tomato Mountain Farm is doing? Check out their Jobs page. Right now they’re looking for two people to work farmers markets.

See the complete Tomato Mountain Farm profile

The Food Trust Logo

The Food Trust - If you think the answer to hunger and poor nutrition goes beyond 89 cent burritos, then you might want to check out jobs at The Food Trust.

See the complete The Food Trust profile

Cultivating Community Logo

Cultivating Community - If you share the same ideals, then you might want to consider a job with Cultivating Community—they're hiring right now.

See the complete Cultivating Community profile

Caribou Coffee - You have three options if you want to work at Caribou Coffee: start at a store, wait for a new posting, or hope for a Christmas miracle (try cold calling!).

See the complete Caribou Coffee profile

Honest Beverages - If you’re an honest person who is looking for an honest job, then you need to look no further than Honest Beverages’ Jobs page to find what you’re looking for.

See the complete Honest Beverages profile

Food Bank for New York City - While you’re still in that Thanksgiving mindset, you should take a look at Food Bank for New York City and see if you can help them out year round.

See the complete Food Bank for New York City profile

Pilgrim’s Pride - Pilgrim’s Pride has a few dozen job opportunities posted, and plenty of them appear to be suitable for new grads with a background in Animal or Food Science.

See the complete Pilgrim’s Pride profile

EatingWell Media Group - EatingWell's jobs openings include Drupal Developer and Linux Administrator positions along with Advertising Services Manager and Freelance PHP Developer.

See the complete EatingWell Media Group profile

Mars - If you’d like to be part of this true American success story, then you need to check out Mars’ Careers page.

See the complete Mars profile

Charm City Cakes - What's that I said about the fact that Charm City Cakes is REALLY REALLY not hiring? They're not. So how do you get a job with them?

See the complete Charm City Cakes profile

Charles Chocolates - Right now Charles Chocolate's jobs include: Charles Chocolates Sales Representative, Sales Assistant, Inside Sales Representative, and Account Representative.

See the complete Charles Chocolates profile

CleanFish - CleanFish is an example of social entrepreneurism at its best, which is why you should consider a job with them.

See the complete CleanFish profile - is a small company with only about 30 employees, but they do appear to be growing, as they’re looking for an Advertising Sales Executive in NYC.

See the complete profile

City Harvest - If you’re impressed by City Harvest’s creative approach to battling hunger, then you should think about a job with them.

See the complete City Harvest profile

Charlie Trotter’s - Charlie Trotter is one of the best at what he does. And that’s why you should consider a job with him. He hires people at all experience levels.

See the complete Charlie Trotter’s profile

America's Test Kitchen Logo

America’s Test Kitchen - America’s Test Kitchen is a real kitchen in Brookline, MA where they “develop the absolute best recipes for all of your favorite foods," and they're hiring.

See the complete America’s Test Kitchen profile

Jelly Belly - It’s hard to go through Easter time without popping at least one jelly bean in your mouth, so it should be obvious to consider a job with Jelly Belly

See the complete Jelly Belly profile

Sambazon - Sambazon has some jobs that I think that some of you might be interested in, but first you should get to know the company a little better.

See the complete Sambazon profile

King Arthur Flour - How can you be on your way to getting knighted? You should start by checking out King Arthur Flour’s Jobs page.

See the complete King Arthur Flour profile

The Hershey Company - Hershey’s has a page on their Careers site just for students, but your best bet is to scan their job postings to see what’s available for new grads.

See the complete The Hershey Company profile

Vosges - If the combination of bacon and chocolate impresses you as much as it impresses me, then you might want to consider a job with Chicago's Vosges - Haut Chocolat.

See the complete Vosges profile

POM Wonderful Logo

POM Wonderful - Right now there are two jobs available that look like they might be good ways for new college grads to get a foot in the door at POM Wonderful.

See the complete POM Wonderful profile

Starwood - Starwood gets hospitality. They also get entry level recruiting. They make it dead simple for college students and new grads to find jobs with them.

See the complete Starwood profile

Coca-Cola - Surprisingly, Coke doesn’t appear to have any sort of entry level hiring program. If they do, they certainly don’t mention it on their website.

See the complete Coca-Cola profile

Slow Food USA - If you’ve been visiting your local farmers’ market and eating local foods often, then Slow Food USA might be a place that you want to think about working.

See the complete Slow Food USA profile

Dreyer’s - Dreyer\'s happens to offer the best job in the world, which, unfortunately, is not entry level. But it\'s ok because Dreyer’s has jobs for new college grads too.

See the complete Dreyer’s profile

Jennie-O - If you\'re a new grad who wants to be reminded of Thanksgiving every day when you’re at work, then you should consider a job with Jennie-O.

See the complete Jennie-O profile

Food & Water Watch - Food & Water Watch is “a nonprofit consumer organization that works to ensure clean water and safe food,” and they have a few jobs that look great for new grads

See the complete Food & Water Watch profile

Decagon Devices - Decagon Devices is looking for a Food Physicist/Engineer and an Environmental Instrumentation Application Specialist in Pullman, WA.

See the complete Decagon Devices profile

Levy Restaurants - Levy Restaurants\' job descriptions don’t offer a lot of detail, but we’re pretty sure that a number of their jobs can be considered entry level.

See the complete Levy Restaurants profile

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