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Looking for an entry level job or internship in biotechnology? This is an overview of how to approach the search and a list of companies that might have relevant entry level and internship opportunities.

Biotechnology Careers

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Biotechnology uses living things to create useful products. It’s a rapidly growing field with more jobs coming out of that growth.

The image of a scientist in a white lab coat has some truth to it: lots of opportunities in biotechnology are in research and development, and plenty of them exist for new grads. These positions are available in government agencies, universities, and hospitals. Some positions require advanced degrees or more experience. If you want to pursue a career in research, study biology, biochemistry, or a related field, and pursue an internship or research project before graduating.

Outside of the actual research, you can also find opportunities in the following areas:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Clinical Trials
  • Operations
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Scientific Advocacy
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Biotechnology Portfolio Lead with Security Clearance
QinetiQ Herndon, VA
Biotechnology Expert
Central Intelligence Agency Mc Lean, VA
Biotechnology Expert
US Government Other Agencies and Independent Organizations Washington, DC
Biotechnology Patent Agent
MNF Global LLC Washington, DC
Biotechnology Intelligence Consultant
Booz Allen Hamilton Arlington, VA
Project Manager
BioTalent Ashburn, VA
Biotechnology Patent Agent
Mnf Global Washington, DC
Animal Technician, Sr.
Bioqual Rockville, MD
Bio Med Equipment and Inventory Technician
Cadia Healthcare Silver Spring, MD
Testing Services Lab Assistant (Biotech)
VMRD Washington, DC

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Companies with Entry Level Jobs and Internships in Biotechnology

K2M Logo

K2M - K2M is based in Leesburg, VA and develops “technological innovations which enable surgeons to more effectively treat the world’s most complex spinal disorders.”

See the complete K2M profile

Pixie Scientific Logo

Pixie Scientific - Pixie Scientific is a New York, NY based startup that is developing “smart diapers" to identify health issues in young children and older adults.

See the complete Pixie Scientific profile

Neomend Logo

Neomend - Neomend is an Irvine, CA based company that is innovating in the surgical sealants space with their Progel technology platform.

See the complete Neomend profile

Solazyme Logo

Solazyme - Solazyme is a San Francisco, CA based company that synthesizes oil from algae, and they have some great job opportunities for new grads.

See the complete Solazyme profile

IMMCO Diagnostics Logo

IMMCO Diagnostics - IMMCO Diagnostics is a Buffalo, NY based company that develops products to help diagnose autoimmune diseases, and they're hiring.

See the complete IMMCO Diagnostics profile

Liquidia Technologies Logo

Liquidia Technologies - Liquidia Technolgoies is a Research Triangle Park, NC based biotech company that has some great entry level job opportunities.

See the complete Liquidia Technologies profile

Synthetic Genomics Logo

Synthetic Genomics - Interested in solving the world's problems through genomics? A career with Synthetic Genomics may be just what you're looking for.

See the complete Synthetic Genomics profile

DNAnexus Logo

DNAnexus - If you're interested in the intersection of computing technology and genetics, you have to take a look at DNAnexus and their career opportunities.

See the complete DNAnexus profile

OpGen Logo

OpGen - If you are interested in genetics and the science behind Optical Mapping, then you may want to consider check out Jobs at OpGen.

See the complete OpGen profile

Precision Therapeutics Logo

Precision Therapeutics - Precision Therapeutics is a Pittsburgh, PA based company that helps identify the most effective ways to treat individual cancer cases, and they're hiring.

See the complete Precision Therapeutics profile

Marrone Bio Innovations Logo

Marrone Bio Innovations - If you’re excited about a world with less harmful pesticides, then you should check out jobs at Marrone Bio Innovations.

See the complete Marrone Bio Innovations profile

Somark Innovations Logo

Somark Innovations - Somark Innovations' site doesn't mention a Jobs page, but they do note on their Team page that they're "always looking for more team members."

See the complete Somark Innovations profile

Genetic Alliance Logo

Genetic Alliance - If you’re passionate about genetics and health, then you might want to consider a job at Genetic Alliance.

See the complete Genetic Alliance profile

Compendia Bioscience - It's hard to believe that with the same skills you could build software to turn your friends into virtual zombies or you could be curing cancer at Compendia.

See the complete Compendia Bioscience profile

Epic Systems - We could go on and on about how cool it looks to work at Epic, but you’re better off checking it out on your own (start by taking a tour of their campus).

See the complete Epic Systems profile

Keystone Strategy - Headquartered in San Francisco, Keystone Strategy, an international strategy consulting firm, focuses on Aerospace, Biotech and Pharmaceuticals, and Technology.

See the complete Keystone Strategy profile

New York Structural Biology Center - The New York Structural Biology Center is offering entry-level jobs as a Technician for new college grads who majored in Biology, Chemistry or Physics.

See the complete New York Structural Biology Center profile

Animal Replacement Technologies - Animal Replacement Technologies, based in Sarasota, FL, has engineered synthetic human tissues, organs, and body parts that mimic their living counterparts.

See the complete Animal Replacement Technologies profile

23andMe - 23andMe is a web-based biotechnology firm that specializes in providing personal genetic information and they are located in Mountain View, California.

See the complete 23andMe profile

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